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Be True to You -- and Your Horse Too

Do all of your friends have identical personalities? Of course not. Every friend group has an alpha, the attention-seeking boss who insists on setting the agenda and picks the dinner spot every time. Then there is the caretaker/peacemaker, the one who just wants everyone to get along and is sensitive to each person’s needs and preferences. Then there is the comedian, the one that keeps everyone rolling in the aisles with side-splitting laughter, even when they aren’t trying.

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Conditioning: Keeping your Horse Fit and Fabulous

When people ask me how I condition my horses, it is a far more complicated answer than listing a bunch of drills. I break conditioning into three equally important categories. All three need to be in balance in order to have a happy, healthy horse that will consistently clock winning times. For Stryker and for all my horses, I want to keep them in peak physical and mental condition.

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Week w/ World Champion Fallon Taylor & Jenna Smeenk

Have you ever dreamed of spending a week with World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor & Jenna Smeenk? What could you learn by hanging out with them, riding horses with them, getting business insight from them?

I had the rare opportunity to do all of the above and now I want to tell you all about it – no detail left out!

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