Week w/ World Champion Fallon Taylor & Jenna Smeenk

Have you ever dreamed of spending a week with World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor & Jenna Smeenk? What could you learn by hanging out with them, riding horses with them, getting business insight from them?

I had the rare opportunity to do all of the above and now I want to tell you all about it – no detail left out!

When I first talked to Jenna about coming down to Texas, I had no idea the level of exposure I would get into every facet of their daily lives. I was blown away by how forthcoming they were with information on how they became so successful in and out of the arena. Believe me, I asked them about everything! I walked away from the experience with a wealth of information that I know will make me a better barrel racer, a better business woman, and an overall more fulfilled person.

Now, here is what I learned:


I received intensive, hands-on coaching from Jenna and Fallon on several different horses. This type of training from the best in the business is exactly what I was looking for. I listened, absorbed, and documented all of their advice. On my first day at Fallon’s ranch, I was able to enter a jackpot with the squad on one of Fallon’s horses. Real competition experience on a horse trained by a world champ – how cool is that!?

The next day I received a one-on-one lesson from Fallon herself. She even watched some videos of my runs on Stryker and broke down every second and every turn for me, suggesting how I can shave off even more time.

The last day Jenna gave me a private lesson on a couple of different horses. She made sure each horse I got on had a different style and would stretch me as a rider. This kind of challenge was invaluable. I was able to get a feel for several horses, each with a unique style. I picked up a few techniques that I can now apply to how I ride Stryker. I would have never been able to learn some of these things without jump riding these uniquely different horses.


As I am embarking on creating my own online business, I came prepared with a million questions for Fallon and Jenna on how to make it work, everything from logistics to strategies to promotions. What blew me away the most was how willing they were to share with me their insight and knowledge. I was able to learn from their success and even get their advice on how to apply that learning to my specific business model. Business mentorship can save an amateur entrepreneur a lot of heartache and financial risk. Learning from these rodeo and business moguls is almost like a dream come true.

Mental Game / Personal Relationships:

Being a successful barrel racer is only partially ability and horsepower. The real secret to winning is being strong in your mental game. I was able to glean precious information about being mentally strong and gained an in-depth understanding about how to control nerves, how to stay motivated, how to overcome adversity, and how to mentally prepare for each and every run.

Fallon & Jenna are true role models, not just because they are amazing jockeys and have succeeded inside the arena, but because they have found happiness and fulfillment in pursuing their passion, helping others, and giving back. The best way to teach is to lead by example.  These women set the bar high for the respect and support they mutually share for one another. I learned that if I want to be fulfilled in this journey, I need to do a whole heck of a lot more than win a few rodeos. I need to give back and help others along their journey, be it in barrel racing, business, setting and reaching goals, or otherwise.

I am more committed now than ever to improve the sport and give back to the community and people around me.

Physical Preparedness:

We put a lot of stake in how athletic our horses are. We treat them like world class athletes and expect them to physically perform at that level so why wouldn’t we demand the same from ourselves? After all, as their riders, are we not also athletes?

I accompanied the squad to work out with the buff, the incredible, and in all honesty, the handsome Daniel Sullivan. To be honest, this was the part of the trip I was most intimidated about but once I arrived at Destination Dallas, all the fear and trepidation melted away. Daniel is an outstanding trainer – just look at the incredible fitness journey he has guided Fallon and Jenna on.  He worked with me at my level of ability and was extremely encouraging.

I left these workouts feeling empowered to take responsibility for my physical well-being and have a renewed motivation to become faster, better, stronger. Because I expect Stryker to give me his all, I need to be willing to do the same for him. 

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