Spring Cleaning: Barn & Trailer Edition


Who else is a clean freak like me and loves to organize your house, barn, and horse trailer? I definitely agree with Marie Kondo on the virtues of maintaining a tidy environment.

Check out my spring cleaning checklist below for a full list of what I like to do to dust off those winter doldrums and prep for a winning rodeo season and it all starts with a clean, organized, and fully stocked working space:

  • Wash… EVERYTHING - blankets, wraps, protective boots, pads, whatever. Mold and bacteria can develop on nearly every item that sits all winter, so you will want to start your season out right with clean and safe equipment. After I wash winter blankets, I like to fold them up and store them in space saving bags so they don’t take up too much room in my cramped barn. Also, if you reuse fly masks from year to year (my horses usually pulverize theirs by fall), you will want to wash them before use to prevent the spread of any eye infections or bacteria that may be growing on them all winter.

  • Safety check all tack - lack of use and cold temperatures can deteriorate all types of tack, especially leather that can dry out and crack in the cold. Spring is a good time to go through every piece of equipment you use to ensure it is in proper working order - screws are tight, no tears or thinly worn areas, latigos are in good shape, no sharp edges or places where tack could rub and create discomfort, clips are not weak, etc. Lastly, I like to go over everything with a leather conditioner to help it last and keep it pliable.

  • Safety check your rig - I send my trailer in every spring to get serviced. It sits for a good portion of the winter and I want to make sure it is ready to hit the rodeo road soon so I make sure the tires are fully inflated and rotated, the spare is inflated, brakes are good, pack wheel bearings, all lights work, the hitch is greased, and interior of the trailer is safe for my horses to ride in for many many miles to come.

  • Throw out old medicine - I tend to use more medicine in the spring and summer when my horses are working more. Every spring I like to go through my vet kit and cull expired medicine and stock up on fresh ones.

  • Stock up on spring necessities - There are a bunch of good sales in the spring that I like to take advantage of and stock up on all the things I am going to need for the upcoming season, such as fly spray, hoof flex, horse treats, etc. Check my complete spring shopping list HERE.

  • Thoroughly wash buckets - It can be tough cleaning buckets fully in the winter when they are constantly freezing, but with warmer temps come prime breeding grounds for bacteria and germs in water buckets. Protect your horse’s delicate immune systems, especially during seasonal changes, by keeping their environment as clean as possible.

Before you contract spring fever, get your barn and trailer in order to have a successful season this year.

Saddle up and Happy Trails!