Spring Necessities


Spring has sprung and rodeo season is upon us! It’s the time of year when our wooly mammoths transform into beautiful unicorns once again. In preparation of the changing seasons, I put together a fun list of my spring staples to share with you. These are all the things I use to keep my horses looking and feeling their best.  


  • Grooming block:  These small, inexpensive stones are life-savers for shedding and even spot cleaning when showing. Whatever secret magic they put into these, they are one of my all time favorite grooming products.
  • Fly masks: If there is a fence post or tree limb anywhere in sight, my horses become Houdini’s at shedding their fly masks in various secret locations in the pasture. I love the double velcro on these. Be sure to get one that is UV proof, especially if your horse has pink skin around their eyes.  
  • Fly repellent: SWAT is slimy, messy to apply, melts if kept in a hot trailer, and collects dust on application areas but it is still the very best product I have found on the market for keeping pesky insects away for a long period of time. There is one hack I secretly love, Avon Skin-So-Soft oil. It is a little pricey but dilute it with water and mix into an empty spray bottle for easy application. The bonus is it smells great.  
  • Salt / mineral block: Change in seasons and change in feeds can trigger a lot of digestive stress. It is imperative that they get the vitamins & minerals they need.
  • Hay balancer for grass: Hay balancer is the best and only supplement I give my horses. It comes in two varieties, grass and alfalfa, each formulated to fill the nutritional gaps in each type of feed. In the winter, I feed alfalfa hay and in the summer, they are out on pasture.
  • Sunscreen: This is important for you and your horse. Saddles should be made of leather, not our faces. Sunscreen is particularly important for your horse if they have pink skin around their eyes and nose. I especially love the aerosol variety for easy application, but sunscreen sticks are great to apply around the eyes because you have more control.
  • Shedding blade: In addition to the grooming block, these blades are a quick, easy way to get rid of your horse’s winter coat.
  • Dewormer: I use a different brand for spring and fall. I usually administer it the same time they get their vaccines, mostly to help me remember when to give it to them.
  • Clippers: There are Fords and there are Ferraris in the world of clippers. What one is best for you simply depends on your needs. I don’t body clip my horses so a smaller, cordless clipper and a pack of disposable razors is perfect for my horses.  


See something missing from this list that you consider your spring staple? Share it with me on Instagram @RenaeCowley.

When April showers bring May flowers, I hope it also brings a whole lotta fun for you and your horse this spring!