Unicorn Hacks: Mane and Tail Goals

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2018 is “The Year of the Unicorn” at my ranch. I have doubled down on all treatments, lotions, potions, and methods that will make my horses’ manes and tails grown into unicorn-worthy luscious locks. Below, I will break down for you what my regimen is that made Stryker’s tail grow nearly 5 inches,, Elvis’ mane grow 3.5 inches, Venus’ mane grow 3 inches, and what makes all of them glow like the unicorns they really are.

True beauty is only found within. No really, it all starts from the inside out, giving them the proper nutrients to grow healthy hair. I have been giving my horses BioMane for about 4 months now and the results are undeniable. Their hooves are healthier and their manes and tails are both longer and thicker.

I have three white horses with three mostly white tails. Fighting the war on yellowness is a constant battle. Quic Silver Shampoo is my go-to. It’s a purple shampoo designed to whiten and brighten their hair, but it will also stain your hands it’s so intense. Nothing else even comes close to working as well as purple shampoos on white horses.

I was as guilty as the next person of using a paddle brush on my horses’ manes and tails. It wasn’t until watching the tutorial videos available on BioMane’s website that I learned how damaging it can be. I use a wet brush on my own hair to reduce breakage so wouldn’t that same principle apply to my fur babies follicles? Now I use my trusty BioMane brush which is much softer and results in far less breakage.

Protecting the hair from dirt, mud, fences, branches, etc., is mission critical to protecting their tails from breakage. I like the BioMane tail bags because they are affordable, but also because they have two-way velcro and I rarely, if ever, lose one in the pasture. A scavenger hunt in the field for a tail bag is not my favorite form of entertainment.

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Braiding takes time, patience, and a whole lotta rubber bands or electrical tape but it’s sooooo worth it. I have actually enjoyed my newly-discovered focus on mane and tail care because it gives me an opportunity to bond with my horses out of the saddle. The hair in their manes is usually far more delicate than their tails so why would we only braid their tails? BioMane suggests using electrical tape to secure braids rather than rubber bands that can pinch and break the hair. I have tried the electric tape technique and in all sincerity, it takes practice and patience to get it right. At first, I used black electrical tape but it left a sticky black residue on my horses’ white manes that did not wash out for weeks. I switched to the white electrical tape and eliminated the residue problem. If you insist on using rubber bands, try these no-pull clear bands.

Washing, brushing, braiding, bagging is all well and good in the warm, summer months but not as practical in the winter. I prefer to use a tail wrap in the winter that I can leave in for a longer period of time. I like this style that completely covers the hair and is easy to keep tight. I will tie a knot in the bottom as well as use a human-hair tie to keep it secured.

Cowboy Magic is a miracle potion. Every time I wash my horses’ manes and tails, I use a dollop of this liquid magic and work it through their hair, roots to ends. it only takes about a quarter sized drop to cover a thick tail. It adds shine, it detangles, it basically turns the gnarliest looking horses into unicorns.

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Renae´ Cowley