Barrel Racing Drill: Never Ending Drill

The Never Ending Drill is awesome for so many reasons:

- Fix first barrel problems
- End anticipation
- Practice perfect hand and body position
- prepare for any arena, sized pattern, alley approach, etc.  

When people have problems with their first barrel it rarely has anything to do with a right turn, it has everything to do with the rate and anticipation your horse develops after doing countless runs. 

The Never Ending Drill takes the beginning, middle, and end out of a pattern, thus eliminating the anticipation. 

I created the Never Ending Drill when I noticed Stryker tensing up on the short ends of the arena. It didn't take long for me to figure out that we started our pattern on the short end of the arena and he was reacting to anticipating beginning the pattern. 

The key to this pattern is making your approach start from each side of the arena and varying the length of the approach. This is the best practice I could ever imagine to get your horse rodeo ready and prepared to run in a variety of different arenas, varying sized patterns, different alleyway approaches, etc. 

I take advantage of this and every drill to improve not only my horse's skills but my skills as a rider. I practice perfect hand and body position every time I do this drill to build up my own muscle memory. 

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Renae´ Cowley