Reunion Jackpot with Jenna Smeenk

Downpour of rain, running late, driving to the wrong place, what else could possibly go wrong at Jenna's and my first jackpot back together again? 

After almost two years and several continents apart, Jenna and I teamed up again and hit the rodeo road with a local jackpot first on our list before she embarked on a California swing. Jenna stayed at my house for a couple days but I was working in Salt Lake and didn't see her until we pulled into the parking lot of the race, but first I have to go back and tell you everything that lead up to us pulling in the parking lot... 

Just a few days prior, in preparation of Jenna's arrival, I had sent her a couple of possible jackpots to enter in Northern Utah. Because I had to work late in Salt Lake, my mom was going to drive my rig and horses to the jackpot while Jenna followed. Well that didn't go quite as planned. My mom stopped for fuel and Jenna decided to just keep going and get a head start since she had the address. The problem was, she had the address for THE WRONG JACKPOT! We didn't realize the mistake until she made it all the way to Tremonton and had saddled and entered. My mom was in South Jordan (the real race) which is about an hour and a half the other direction! All the while I was at work thinking things were going swimmingly between my mom and Jenna, two very capable cowgirls. 

Jenna called me once she realized the error and the decision was quickly made to load Taz back on the trailer and drive quickly - but safely - to South Jordan, where my rig was. 

About 45 min later I finished my meeting and sprinted to my car in high heels in order to make it to the jackpot on time. As if we had planned it, right when I got on the freeway, who did I see in my rear view mirror but Jenna! We pulled up to the jackpot in one piece where my mom was saddling my horses and had already entered us. We warmed up in the rain and then, it was go time. 

We were two of the last three entries in the entire race. Jenna ran first and when she crossed the eye after her lightning-fast run the announcer proclaimed she was the new leader! With little time to celebrate her smoking run, I was up. Stryker and I rode in the gate and the rest is a bit of a blur. We went really wide on the third barrel (rider error) but low and behold we had won the open 4D! I couldn't help but think how much faster we would have been had we turned the third a little tighter. 

The very best part about having an awesome traveling partner is being able to cheer for one another. I love that Jenna and I can celebrate one another's successes even when we are competing against one another. It is a sign of exemplary sportsmanship and a great friendship. 

I can't want for the rest of the rodeo season to get underway!