Behind the Scenes: Trail Ride Photoshoot

I’ve had the privledge of participating in numerous photoshoots with the infamous @CDPhotog but this one was special. It reminded me how fortunate I am to live in an incredibly beautiful area, to have a supportive and encouraging tribe, and to be blessed with horses.

We scheduled this shoot a couple of weeks in advance but when the day of the shoot arrived it was stormy, overcast, raining, and very very cold. Chris and I texted back and forth most of the day about the inclimate weather and even considered canceling our shoot. The thought of being cold and on a trail with rain-soaked hair sounded less than appealing. We also thought there was a chance we were a few days too late from prime autumn leaves colors. What good is a fall photoshoot without rust-colored leaves?

Now keep in mind, we have a long history of our shoots being marred with bad weather. Remember the snow shoot last winter? That was easily the coldest I have ever been in my entire life.  


As the scheduled time for the trail ride got closer, the clouds started to break up ever so slightly. We ultimately decided to cowgirl up and do the photoshoot rain or shine and I’m so glad we did! The colors were electric, the leaves were GLOWING, and the landscape was breathtaking. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

The mood of the shoot was full of gratitude. We were collectively grateful for the perfectly timed weather and spectacular colors but I was especially grateful to be able to share the experience with good friends like Chris and Joe Dickinson. They are my secret weapon and have been instrumental to my success. They have encouraged me, empowered me, challenged me to work harder when things get tough, and they have shared their talents with me though these gorgeous images. Everyone deserves friends like these two.

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Renae´ Cowley